Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gone are the days of 'Full Cream'

I am all for democracy. If it weren't for the egalitarian tight-rope we are balancing, I would have been married off at 14 to a man of 50 who cared two hoots for the power differentials we so love to level these days.

But sometimes I do miss the honest authoritarian layer of society that expected excellence out of everyone. May it be my strict grandfather or a stricter teacher at school.

These days one is trying to be politically correct all the time. You can't call a spade a spade without tossing a shovelful of sludge upon yourself. You are not allowed to point out anyone's inherent flaws. "It will hurt the sentiments" is the reason. Similarly no one will tell me if there seems something wrong with me. In the name of equality, we have become so used to mediocrity that it is criminal to push for excellence. It is an offence to expect more out of anyone who shows less promise initially. In fact there are politically correct names for almost all excuses.

Only when we are angry are we allowed to say:

Yes there are dumb people on the other end of the call centers that call us all the time.
Yes law and order is crippled and the lady with the weighing scales is blind.
Yes the companies give lame excuses for palming us off a faulty product.
Yes our cries fall on deaf ears of the government.
Yes we are surrounded by idiots in uniform.
Yes the fruits of capitalism are dark & ugly.
Big fat swiss accounts are draining the country.
Yes those sitting on high chairs are retards.
Yes land of the plenty is now barren.
Yes dimwits rule!

But I cannot call dishonest men dishonest until convicted. I cannot tell anyone that the pretty lady who got the job instead of you did have an edge over you because of her looks and confidence. It is like the white elephant in the room. Everybody is busy trying to act like it doesn't exist. But you know what, it exists! Sooner we accept there is something wrong, faster we can take steps to amend it. Some tolerance for the truth please. It doesn't always have to be sugar coated.

Why have we forgotten to laugh at jokes so what if they point to our folly, take on constructive criticism etc. Whatever happened to...

निंदक नियड़े राखिये, आँगन कुटी बंधाय
बिन साबुन पानी बिना, निर्मल करे सुभाय
(Keep close to you, those who point out your mistakes. For those are the ones that cleanse your personality without any cleansing products.)

Call me whatever my shortcomings might be so that I know and better myself. (I mean things I can change about myself not the mean things you want to say just because you can).

But don't call me something so correct that I don't know if you are making fun of me or being polite. Don't push me to quota when I actually should be heading for quality.

Only people with a sob story seem to be making a cut. Those who do not encash their sorrows because they have the steel resolve to overcome them minus alms of sympathy are a dying breed.

I miss full cream in these days of the skimmed milk.

Where is the Lion????? I miss Lions in the Jungle!


  1. खूप छान लिहलं आहेस. व्यावहारिक पातळीवर तू म्हणतेस तसं व्हायला पाहिजे. पण ते तितकंसं सोपं नाही. त्याचे विपरीत परिणाम होतात/होऊ शकतात. या विषयाची व्याप्ती मोठी आहे :-).
    व्यक्तिगत आयुष्यात प्रत्येकाचा स्वभावधर्म वेगळा असतो. काही ना स्पष्टवक्तेपणा आवडतो तर काही ना नाही किंवा काही ना ते जमतं; काही ना नाही.

  2. होय तीच तर गम्मत आहे. कोंहाला आपण कही म्हणायचा च नहीं. गुलू गुलू गोड़ गोड़ गप्पा मारायच्या फ़क्त. शहाणा कित्ती तू असच सांगायच .... खुणा काढ़ायाच नाही. All this is so detrimental to personal growth na?

  3. ...take this case of dana it wrong to punish a student who cheats? just because they will feel bad and harm themselves....we are encouraging mediocrity and lawlessness.

  4. Absolute truth.The being a change is possible and is initiated by many but the twist comes when you are proved wrong by the vast majority though you know that you are damn correct.
    All has gone down the i only wish that i could make a space of my own where there is just me for the sake of being whosoever i really am.
    A very raw and good write.

  5. Yes Alcina I believe that too - you and you alone are responsible for who you are. others can be the guiding lights of destroying tornadoes. But in the end, you are left standing along....completely responsible for what you have become.


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