Friday, May 15, 2009

Live skinning of animals for Fur

I had heard about it. I have known about it. But never ever did I sit down to think about it.

I chanced upon this site and saw the full video of how poor animals are skinned alive just so that the fur is clearer and seamless. Once skinned, the animals (still alive) are thrown into a heap and left to die a slow painful death. If they resist while being peeled, their heads are crushed.

I saw the video and looked at my two cats whom I treat like my own babies. One little scratch and I rush them to the vet. One missed meal and I fuss over them like a mother cat. Both are sleeping. On their backs. Without a care in the world.

This used to make me smile with contentment. But right now I feel like bringing home all the animals who are being mercilessly slaughtered for frivolous fancies of mankind.

I have been taught since childhood 'jivo jivasya jivanaha'. Life lives on life. Killing for food is still understandable but killing for It's inhuman the way they do it.

I am a little disturbed. I want to shrink down in size. To that of a little kitten. Snuggle up with my cats. I want them to tell me its going to be all right. I want them to tell me that they feel safe, loved and wanted in this world.

Anybody who wants to see the video of 'live skinning of animals for fur' can see it at:

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