Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good thing, bad thing

The good thing is - We learn bad things as well when we are young
The bad thing is - We are made to believe that only the good things have happy endings

Fairy tales and the archetype of a utopian world do more harm than good. Expectations arising through the rose tinted glasses take away from the little joys and focus more on the miseries caused by the dysfunctional perfect world.

'Good' and 'bad' have a reputation that needs serious rehabilitation.

Always speak the truth...
I have been in advertising for past 14 years and would have been filthy rich by now if someone gave me a rupee every time this romantic notion of 'truth' was busted.

Always help others....

It is always you first and then others. You have to be alive and healthy to be able to help others. Else why would the airline companies insist on you wearing the oxygen mask first, even before assisting your own child?

Always be courteous....
Sometimes people need a kick...so be it...give them one!

Looks mean nothing...
They mean a lot! The multi billion dollar cosmetics, clothing and fitness industries live on this. Sooner we learn to keep ourselves in shape and radiant, lesser we will fret in middle age.

Always follow your heart....
For every one person that is following their heart, there are at least 3 people in his/her house who are not doing so....just to keep the home fires burning.

Money is evil...
It might be so.....but this evil is a necessary evil!

Love, faith and respect can conquer everything....
Not hunger

One time my father did right by exposing me to the truth was when I told him about a crush as a teenager. I was so impressed by Amir (the hero) in 'qayamat se qayamat tak' (a movie) chopping wood, making a fine and then some tea... taking such good care of Juhi (the heroine) in a godforsaken place.

My father said 'ah these things happen only in films. In real life you need a job and only then two people can be happy with each other'. Thank you Dad.

Do good and no harm shall come to you...
Rapes, murders, theft, robbery, arson, burn victims, terminal diseases, fatal accidents, infanticide, sodomy, racial attacks, betrayal, broken hearts, unrequited love....they all happen to innocent people who did nothing to deserve it!

You love only once.......
...and twice and thrice....and as many times as you want to, if you aren't lucky enough to find somebody when you are younger. The case in point being my very own marriage!

This is how we spend our lives-
0-20 Learn only the good things, dreams, fairy tales, Santa
20-30 Realize that those are not the only things that work for us
30-40 Figure out what really works for us, might not always be the good thing
40 onwards Actually start living the way we want, doing what works for us and imparting only the 'good things' knowledge to the 0-20 age group


  1. one has to learn one's lessons to understand life...with one's own mistakes....

  2. HAha!! .. Vandana Sutras!!

    Very very nice:)And OMG soo true!


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