Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eid mubarak....seriously!

The government letter was pending. Hubby dear was going to get his visa only after that was approved. My visa depended solely on his. Once he was cleared, I would go for the visa interview. What golmaal!

Oh...but my passport needed to have his name too, for me to prove that I am married. How were we ever going to do all this in such a short time?? WHy didn't I get that done soon after my marriage? Grrrr...
And then the tickets, cash, international calling cards, tidbits of info. from friends on where to go and what to do (you don't ask these things unless you have the visa and ticket in hand right??)

God bless my brother and husband who had insisted that I get my marriage registered at the earliest. Never knew it was going to come handy for this!

Finally his name is on my passport. All in bold! It feels nice. I haven't changed my name. In fact my in laws were quite supportive about it. So the fresh stamp in purple ink and black ball point pen which proclaims that I am married to so n so person, made me feel like a newly wed :).

It was thursday evening. He was yet to receive his documents. I had applied that afternoon for an emergency visa. The Visa guys replied within hours! Who does that??? Who expects an answer from one of the email ids that ends with a '.gov' so soon?? But they were quick. Calling me for a visa interview next morning on Friday. The very Friday on which our whole trip hung coz we were supposed to travel on Saturday to be able to attend the conference on Monday. Else there was going to be no trip!

The world was praying. So were we.

"Dear Moon, please be seenon Thursday night", prayed the world. Their three day weekend depended on it.

"Dear Moon, please don't be seen on Thursday night", we prayed. Our Hawaii trip depended on it.

Hail the Islamic lunar calendar! Nobody respects Imam Syed Bukhari of Jama Masjid as much as I do now. Such a righteous man! Despite the popular Friday demand, he announced that Eid would be on saturday, September 11th (bit ironic though). We got our visas, tickets and all things nice on Friday as offices remained open.

It indeed is Eid Mubarak for us...see you all when I am back from Aloha land :)
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi too!!!!!

(FYI - I paid for my own Visa, Ticket and accomodation)


  1. Hey nice!! Thank god Vandu that Eid came on Sat! And I realized it when I was ordering food for us yesterday. They told me it's going to take time because it's Eid! And I wondered then why did we have holiday on Friday, if their Eid is on Sat.? And Bon Voyage!!!

  2. that was coz it was going to be on Friday...almost confirmed all offices had already declared the weekend (except govt. offices & embassies which depended on when Imam declares Eid).

    but chandamama door ke loves us...he didn't rise on thursday night :) so eid got pushed to saturday!


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