Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Green Eye

I look at everything with a green eye....that of a vegetarian's eye.
Few things non-vegetarians should know about vegetarians-

We don't eat meat for two reasons - Either we have been brought up in a household where it was banned or some life altering experience in our lives has converted us.

Vegetarians don't hate non-vegetarians. We just don't like to be told "You don't know what you are missing in life" or "How can you survive like that"? 

We are not fanatic or religious about it. We don't mind a good gravy once in a while if you don't thrust the chicken legs onto our plates with it.

For us all meat is the same. Prawns are as good as over sized maggots. Beef is just another form of animal protein/fat and so is pork. We don't categorize people into 'Beef non eaters', 'pork haters', 'snake eaters', 'sea food connoisseurs', 'Chinese who eat anything', 'Muslims who eat only Halal', 'Kosher', etc.. For us anyone who likes his reds n whites belongs to the group "Non-vegetarian".

Yes we have tasted chicken tikka in our lives (well most of us).

You can keep a juicy stake in front of us and we won't bat an eyelid. We are not trying to resist it. It just doesn't tempt us. We are conditioned like that.

We do think about the environment but not all the time. Being a vegetarian is by no means an indication that we are Greenpeace activists.

We don't judge you when you relish that lamb in front of us. Please enjoy your meal.

We have sub-classes too. Sometimes we have these '100% pure' kinds of our own breed who push us to the edge trying to find a 'puwer eating joint' in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. If it comes to starvation, most of us will eat eggs. 

Some of us have hard core non-vegetarian spouses and kids. We cook for them without ever tasting it. It turns out just fine. Else they wouldn't be asking for refills.

We don't force our children. They can eat what they want once they are old enough to decide but until then, it will be our way.

We don't eat meat does not mean we don't like our drinks or puffs.

We watch cookery shows that teach us how to make a Beef Wellington.

When in a group, don't worry about us. We will always find something to eat. If the group decides on 'Kareem's', so be it. We can manage with Tandoori aaloo or paneer. Don't change the excited group dynamics for us. We like to see our friends enjoy.

We are not boring people just coz' we don't flaunt our upper canines.

If we have never complimented you on the lovely fish or shepherd's pie you make, please forgive us. Subconsciously we feel it might sound odd coming from us as we never taste it. But trust me, we can tell from the smell how good the dish must be.

No, we don't want you to convert if you fall in love with us :)


  1. he he.... :D I was really surprised when you could actually make chicken!!!! And your hard core non veg hubby loved it!! So you must be really good at it!!!! (aise toh nahi na ke pyaar andhaa hota hai?? :D) Very nicely written Vandu!

  2. Haa message nemkaa kunhalaa aahey..Hey kaltaay..

    But a Gud One... :)

  3. I loved this one. Very well written

  4. @ Bhagyashree- thanks for the super marks :)

    @ Anagha - One good chicken dish has many episodes behind it

    @ Anand - Konhala nahi aahe ha message...asach lihlay re

    @ Sm - Thanks :)

  5. i am a non vegitarian because i am an animal lover, especially when deep fried. :)

  6. I know your kinds...I have one right in my house :) deep fried and crunchy...prawns or lollipops....they are consumed with so much love :)

    I cook with a clip on my nose though :)


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