Thursday, September 16, 2010

ho No Loo Loo

It is a record...till date!

Despite having spent a sizable chunk of my adult life in aircrafts, I have never been to an aircraft loo. I am paranoid. I feel that those automatic doors are going to go 'click' shut on me and malfunction and never open again. I have tried to get rid of this notion many a times but have made a straight 'U-turn' from the airplane toilet door. Just finished a 15 hour long flight. I kept my record. I still don't know how the li'l loo looks from inside :)


  1. Love the title! Too good!!!
    Made me laugh!! :D

  2. i didn't go on the newark-honolulu 10 hour flight either :)

  3. am sure u shall be honoured with A CROWN as `MS. HO NO LOOO LOOO '!

  4. lemme return and if I still don't know how it looks...I will run for the title...I would have earned it I guess :)

  5. :) If you're wondering how it looks...I have seen is very conjusted...not worth seeing ;)


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