Sunday, September 5, 2010

is in a relationship with...

Facebook has become the lifeline of social networking. It has a wonderful application which announces to the world that 'so and so is in relationship with so and so'. I look at it and smile a heartfelt blessing for the new couple. I can see the rush on their cheeks, bounce in their gait, pink candy floss world that they live in. We have all had our moment under the mushy sun. We have all had a period of time which we refer to as 'the happiest days of my life'. Dew drop trance, pristine clouds that will take the forms that we want them too, open hair, breeze running through every pore, every breath so refreshing as if we were high on dope. You want to stand on a soap box and scream out your lungs into the universe to declare the new found status. One might be married for 30 years, but these recently baptized couples bring your own courtship days to life.

I smile at all this. Wish them luck hoping they will stick with each other for life.
As they turn away to walk hand in hand into the horizon, a little teeny weeny mean voice in my head giggles and says 'aage aage dekho, hota hai kya'!!!


  1. hmmmmmmmm...
    one thing is there, whatever happens 'aage aage.... it doesn't take away those happy moments....
    'kya bolati tu?'

  2. exactly :) those 'rainbow days' are a memory which can last a lifetime....u can relive them again n again n again....they are so pure and fresh :)

  3. There are instances when our parents fight, and next day when we see them in each others arms...this feeling becomes more stronger...we feel so much assured about life


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