Saturday, October 2, 2010

New & Improved*

These are two words which are not new for the advertising folks. I always laughed when any of our Clients used it for one of their brands. Every 6 to 8 months their products would go 'New & Improved' and they had a brand new reason for a new multi crore ad campaign.

One little ingredient or chemical change and they had the authority to use the tag. I always wondered how come KFC never said they had a latest recipe.Nirma never said their washing powder has these new blue coloured oxygeenated particles. No change. They all make a living out of their time tested, age old products. Older the better.

I have recently realised we the people are also divided into these two classes. Some who live off their deep rooted long standing beliefs and prefer to be just be what they have become in the natural course of life. They are firm, solid, dependable, been there all this while and less likely to vanish from your life in times of need. They live in the glory of the past and assume the world around them to be as it was then.

And some who are constantly in the quest for improvement. How they can make themselves a better person is ingrained into them. To learn new things, see new places, have newer experiences and learn from them all. These are the 'forever changing' people. Their beliefs and perspectives keep getting wider by the day, acquiring every bit of information about the world and themselves and collating them to become a better person each new day. They don't mind changing themselves if that is going to remove even one single impurity of thought of action from their life. Full of adrenalin kicks from the cosmic Brownian movements.

Both seem fine in their own right. It takes all kinds to make this world. The only problem is when an FMCG conglomerate takes over a Nirma or a KFC takes over Cup 'O' noodles. They just don't belong to each other. Or maybe they will complement and enrich each other. Who knows???

(* Some brand names have been used for reference purposes to represent what they stand for in terms of ideologies. No offence meant.)


  1. Very nice Vandu! Very thought provoking! I started thinking where I belong! :)
    I feel, sometimes two odds compliment each other. But sometimes they don't. And then in a relationship it does create problems.....right?

  2. I am still divided on this issue of 'oopsites attract or complement each other'.....sometimes you feel it works, sometimes it doesn't

  3. Vandana, When I think of humans... I think, at certain age person starts hesitating over changes. Isn't it?

  4. Pata nahi....I feel it is more of a 'swabhav' thing than 'age' thing. I have some 50+ friends who love to experiment with life and some 25+ friends who are way too comfortable to move anything around them.

    Yes age must be playing a factor in terms of 'not doing something silly if not needed' kind of experience.


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