Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rest in Peace

My dear Sherry, it has been one year since you passed on to a world where you prance around without the fear of being hounded by the likes of those who took you away from us. Jojo misses you too.

(Jojo joined Sherry in heaven on 2nd Dec 2010)
27 Apr 2005 - 20 Oct 2009

Sherry's video


  1. :( Oh Sherry!!!! you had such a wonderful mistress...otherwise who remembers their pets so earnestly

  2. her epitaph in Gurgaon (where she is buried) reads 'Our daughter'. I think she was much more than a pet for me and my husband.

  3. I still remember the first day when I went to Marium's home to meet Jojo & Sherry with Vandu. They were so beautiful.. and big. Vandu was in two minds as she was planning to have one pet kitten and Marium's only condition was to take Sherry along with Jojo or none.. We thought overnight and decided to go for it:-)
    Since then Sherry and Jojo became part of Vandu's life and mine too..

    Miss you a lot Sherry!!!:-(

  4. yes Anagha :) she was our daughter!

    Iru I remember it so vividly. Jojo sitting on the window sil...all scared and sherry greeting us with her usual friendly purr. Jojo ke liye wo aai aur khud hi chali gayi :(


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