Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Everyone but me

When anything goes wrong,
I ask "Why me"?

When all are given attention and only I am ignored,
I ask "Why everyone but me"?

Let me change the sequence and try asking...

When anything goes wrong with all yet I am safe,
"Why everyone but me"?

When only I am ignored,
"Why me"?

Maybe this way I will get some constructive answers to my queries so I learn to...

Thank God in case of  "Why everyone but me"

Or rectify the mistakes I am making, in case of  "Why me"


  1. असे प्रश्न आणि कधी समर्थनीय तर कधी धक्कादायक उत्तरे...

    प्रश्न मात्र न संपणारेच....

  2. hoy 'why me' is such a never ending question with an exhaustive or no answer at times....

  3. ya...that's so true...never realised it! Good learning for us na Vandu? :)

  4. yeah :) but not always easy to follow though


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