Monday, November 15, 2010


बैठक की चटख लाल दीवारउसपर तस्वीरों की भूल-भुलैया,

सुनहरी धारियों वाली प्यालियाँ,

बरामदे का वो झूला

और धूप से सने पडदे,
जायज़ हक है तुम्हे,
हवाले तुम्हारे ही सब कुछ.

मेहनत की कमाई से,

सिक्कों में जो तौला है,
तुमने रुपयों से खरीदा है.

मैंने तो बस चुन-चुन कर,

दिलो-जाँ से सजाया था.

खाली पड़े मकां में,

एक घर ही तो बसाया था.

बैठक = living room,  चटख = bright, भूल-भुलैया = labyrinth, maze, सुनहरी धारियों वाली प्यालियाँ = gold rimmed cups, धूप से सने पडदे = curtains soaked in sunlight,  जायज़ हक = legal right, दिलो-जाँ = whole-heartedly, मकां = house


  1. Beautiful Vandu! 'धूप से सने पडदे' I just loved this one! :)

  2. I know...that is how one looks at them...curtains bathed in orange sunlight and not rs. 750/ each his own I guess.

  3. I am a bit 'Hindicapped' but still liked it...

  4. You visited n read it...that absolves u of all ur hindicap :)

  5. Vandana, is this poem about husband buying things and wife using them to decorate her home?

  6. this is about the division of things in a divorce settlement....technically if you see the husband bought those things so they belong to him but a wife made a home out of those things....was more attached to them than the husband who bought them.....but that has no meaning in this world....koi keemat she is forfeiting everything to him and walking away empty handed from the house she so lovingly made into a home.

  7. Vandana, the way you use words...they sound so beautiful...

    and I felt good because my interpretation was not completely wrong :)

  8. Hey Vandana... I got back from Indiblogger.. thanks for reviewing my blog.
    Your blog is simple and adorable.
    I used this template someday!!
    It is beautiful...
    I read this poem on your other blog too, I am amazed how do u maintain so many blogs :D
    Anyway, have a nice day Vandana!!

  9. Hi Gaurav
    Thanks for visiting my blogs. Yes I do maintain a couple of blogs as these are unrelated topics. Golf & poetry...wonder how I can put them int he same space :)

    Raindrop is my main blog though.

  10. Yeah!!
    Golf and poetry deadly combo

  11. nice poem.also introduced me to the word "hindicapped".thanks for visiting my blog.


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