Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Housewife Cap

One day-

"Did you water the plants?" I asked.

"Of course I did", pat came the reply.

A year back I would have just smiled at the domestic help and gone back to doing what I was doing.

On another day -

"Madam this RO water purifier system needs a change of membrane", says the service engineer.

"How is that possible, I just bought the machine 7 months back", I questioned.

A year back I would have asked him to change the membrane and even bought an Annual Maintenance Contract from them, even though I am in the Warranty period. But I am a different person right now.

I will never ask her if she has watered the plants unless I know that she hasn't, the dry caking soil speaks it all if you observe beforehand. And in the other case, just send the guy back to come later. Take a second opinion from another servicing center and blast the hell out of him when he comes back for being a part of the nexus which does all this drama in order to sell expensive parts and achieve their year end AMC targets.

This way you don't change the membrane if it is not required and they will offer you a discount on the contract next year. Never speaking without proof is the first step.

I even tell the Clients upfront these days, "Why go in for a bad 2D animation if there is a budget crunch, the same amount will give you a good flash animation".

How did I become like this?
I have no clue.

But one thing is for sure-
Today I know "पैसे पेड़ पर नहीं उगते, फिर वो चाहे मेरा पैसा हों या किसी और का" (money doesn't grow on trees, may it be my money of somebody else's).


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