Thursday, February 17, 2011

I miss you

When I hugged her, I would close my eyes and hold her still. I could hear her breath and claws digging into my tee shirt. Tiny ears brushing my chin and a perfect round face looking in all directions. She would try to get away for a few second. After some time she would just rest her head on my shoulder and surrender to the captivity.

She would be looking at me with big round eyes when I opened mine.

I would smile at this little interaction knowing that the smallest activity would make her restless and she would want to free herself. I would slowly put her on the sofa and look at her speed away to another room where she would stand near the door, expecting me to run after her. I wouldn't.

She would walk back to me rubbing her fluffy belly and fluffier tail around my legs.

This was a ritual.

I miss that ritual. I miss holding her.
I miss her head on my shoulders.
Her whiskers on my cheek.
Her gentle meow.
I miss you Jojo.


  1. It's always difficult when a pet is not around any more...

  2. Vandana, you reminded me of my black cat :(

  3. rough to lose a family pet ..
    r.i.p Jojo

  4. Once we had 7 kittens at our house. It was fun and I miss them all. I still remember how much we cried when we lost little one in front of us.
    My daughter want at least one now :-).

  5. Get her two :) it will be a lot easier to raise two kittens than one :)


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