Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spin Doctor

It is not everyday that you can get a phrase to mean the same literally as well as figuratively.

'Spin Doctor' is one phrase I can proudly say I have the copyright to have interpreted in both the senses, very aptly so over the last week.

I had my very close friend and her family visiting Delhi for a week and an ongoing film project at the same time. I knew I was going to be either up till late at home working or locked up in the studio for the entire period. I didn't know how I was going to ask hubby to help.

Especially after the ruckus I had created over preparing one meal for a friend of his last December. Didn't really have the guts to ask him to do the running around.

Finally guests arrived and the film project began. On the same day.
It was wonderful to have a full house. One of my best friends was here. I couldn't yap all night long but it was the first time all rooms in my house were occupied and bubbling with energy and laughter. Felt great.

Only one regret - I wasn't going to have time to be a part of it.

Days passed in quick succession.
Hubby refused to let me take a cab late night. Made trips to the studio at all hours just picking and dropping me back. "This is Delhi, I don't want you traveling alone at night", he would say. He made sure everyone at home was well taken care of, well fed and had a jolly good time too.

All logistics at home (of course with the help of Jamuna the great, our domestic help) were carried out with clockwork precision, without me being around.

There was a point when due to some fault, one of my rushes tapes got erased. One whole day of shoot went up 'puffffff'. Any film person will know what a terrible feeling that is.

He dropped me to the studio in the morning and had reached halfway back home when I gave him a panic call. He turned around, I made fresh appointments, shot everyone all over again and went back to the studio at 11 in the night. He was on driver duty, he claims. He had been up since 6 am.

Only when we came back home, he said, "I have a medals round in the morning and have to go and play." He loves golf. It was a Sunday. I had to reach the studio at 11 am.

One would think he had no work of his own but he is a doctor and gets phone calls by the hundred everyday, some are emergency calls. I still don't know how he managed it all!!!

The flurry of activities kept him on a roll in circles. On toes. My spin doctor not only helped me through the whirlwind week but also turned out to be a perfect spokesperson representing us as a single unit and keeping up the notion that after marriage 'you are not two people, but one household'.

I don't think I am ever going to complain about preparing a meal for his friends anymore :)


  1. He would be glad to read .. especially the last line :-). Jokes apart, that is what makes family a unit .. assured help without tension I mean!

  2. Vandu, I hope Partha read this:-)
    We all had a great time in Delhi! Though we missed you a lot everytime we went out for shopping and hogging:-) But he really did take good care of us. Love you both!!

  3. @ aativas (can I plz call u Savita :) - rightly said...family is one unit... it takes time to get there but slowly incidents like these reassure u that one is not alone

    @Iru - Yes I missed being around but am glad he made for some of it.Will meet soon :)

    8 March 2011 11:54 AM

  4. Certainly, you can call me Savita!

  5. Aww...that was so sweet of him...

  6. :) Isn't it like picking up tiny little stars one after another? Hope you will get many...and you heart will be filled with millions of them! :)

  7. yes it is :) little stars everyday :)

  8. affection of partner on one side and `ATITHI DEVO BHAV' is on another. here both r found on one side only. great understanding!!

  9. it takes some time to realise both r on the same side...just like the 'jab we met' dialogue....'tum dono ek hi side pe to ho' :)


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