Thursday, June 9, 2011


Am a little upset and sad today.
For all the 'we care for you' advertising, the banks are becoming more and more impersonal these days.

My bank of 13 years where I have a savings as well as business account acted so strangely with me. I had changed my correspondence address and contacts when I moved to Delhi. They have been sending me all my mails and sms on Delhi address. yesterday I received a cheque from them saying my business account has been closed. Reason - I hadn't filled up KYC forms.

On finding out from phonebanking they told me they had been sending the KYC forms to my defunct Mumbai address.

They send 100s of promotional mailers and sms but they couldn't send me an email or sms regarding KYC? They couldn't call me even once to tell me that my account is being closed??

After two days of frantic calls and contacting everyone I am still left with a cheque in my company name which I cannot encash coz I don't have any other account by that name. To reopen the account I have to provide documents which I am going to take some time to procure. All this when I am in the middle of projects and there are supposed to be cheques coming into this account and going out from it.

There is no point getting sentimental with a bank. I guess I needed this jolt.
You got enough monies, they want you. They will call you hundred times. Give you relationship managers. Send in silver coins etc. etc. I wonder if I had a few crores in that bank, would they still have behaved like this? Would they still have not made a single call to check if I am getting the documents they are sending?

All bank ads are a farce. They don't care a damn about you.
All they want is your money. Nothing else.
No money, no honey.

(Update - after a month of running around nothing turned up. Now I have an account with another bank and have encashed that cheque).

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  1. Upset you should be .. but not sad. Why give them more space in life than they deserve?


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