Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Extra Hours A Day - True Story

My friend Soniya and I have a lot in common. The only thing we do not share is that she has wonderful parenting skills and I have none. Her son Arun is in Std XIIth.

He is busy running from class to class, tuitions to tuitions, alongwith managing school and other co-curricular activities. If he makes it to a good professional college, this is probably the last year Soniya, her husband and her son will live together as a family unit.

It was his birthday a few days back. She wanted to gift him something that he really really wanted.

He was getting dressed for school when she asked him what he wanted for his birthday.

He looked startled. He was a bit confused as he hadn't thought of anything. He continued tying his shoe laces and sighed, "I wish you could make the day have one extra hour so that I didn't have to rush everywhere". She looked at him and sighed back,"I wish I could do that for you and have an extra hour for myself too." She teaches the senior secondary in the same school and finds it next to impossible to do anything without rushing from one task to the other, in the light of the new education norms.

Spending time with each other is a luxury these days. Enough extra time to be able to sit at peace with oneself and 'just be' is good enough.

If I get two extra hours a day, I will gift one to Soniya and one to Arun.

(Real names have been changed.)


  1. Understanding other's yearning and working towards their happiness is a big thing... Very few people are as thoughtful as you... Came to your blog through Indiblogger... Glad that I did :)
    All the best for the contest

  2. Hi Anukruti,
    thx for coming to the blog n ur wishes. I saw ur blog...lovely pix...u worked on them very well too :)

  3. Two hours a day extra will be great. Isn't it?

  4. I personally don't need it as I have quite a leisurely pace of life but when I see half asleep 6yr olds dressed in thick winter clothings waiting for the school bus at 6:30 am at the bus stop, I sincerely wish I had that power.....I would gift them some more time. Or to working moms who are nothing less than superwomen.

  5. I usually get that peaceful hour for myself in fully packed train. Can't help! :(

  6. Very rightfully said. Urban life has become so fast!

  7. Very rightly said. Urban life has become way to fast!

  8. People yearn for an extra hr and you willingly give it to them..thats a nice piece od thinkin wishes for the contest.
    here is my take -
    do spare some time and let me know what you think

  9. @Shriraj, I hope u get to sit (even if it is a corner 4th seat) duing that hour :)

    @ranting indian, yes indeed urban life has its ups n downs and the rush just makes them dearer

    @zrdar, thanks for reading the post :) I saw ur blog...really liked it....espesially the BOTS :)

  10. very sweet and short post from a very loving and caring person.All the best for the contest.

  11. @Seema, Thank you so much. Good luck to you too. Read your post as well. You are probably the first mom I am seeing who is so much at peace :)

    @ Amar, Thanks. I went through your post. Really like the day by day description with pix. Wish u all the best too :)


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