Friday, January 20, 2012

Secret Language

I wish there were a language so secret that only me and the universe understood it. So that I could put it forth without the worry of anyone interpreting it in their own way to mean what their minds want it to mean.

Dear Universe,

I just sent out a whole lot of thoughts to you. Hope you get them in their purest form.
No questions, no answers, no complaints, no gratitude. I just wanted to communicate. That's all.
Going to sleep now. Talk to me in my dreams.

From Me.


  1. 'No questions, no answers, no complaints, no gratitude.'...
    that's what we need na Vandu...most of the time ?

  2. yes most of the times what we want to say is so simple....why does it become so complicated as it crosses the sound barrier, I never understood.

  3. Ya that's the problem - people and their relentless attempts at (mis)understanding their fellow humans. Curiosity is almost always non-productive; hence, those who are curious find themselves with no other choice but to assume "in their own way to mean what their minds want it to mean."

    Hmm communicating with the universe is not a bad idea at all, as you may find something worthy enough to decode :)

    For now, I can think about only one song, by Sting.

  4. Yeah. It is so much better to be 'not understood' than be 'misunderstood'. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful song.


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