Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Geometry of our lives

A line is straight. It is linear in progression and has but one dimension. No depth. This is what we learnt in school. We learnt the same about time. Passage of time was linear, never mind its cyclic appearances whenever history repeated itself. The same can be said about one’s responsibilities. Our sense of accountability towards obligations. No wonder it is called the 'line of duty'. Some people live their lives more in terms of a straight line. Executing all that falls on it. Only the people on the line, belong to the line. Just like the collinear point we were taught. 

And then there is a circle. Round. Bent. A shape that most of the nature seems to adapt to. The sun, the moon, the earth etc. Symmetric. Perfect ! Some people live their lives more in terms of a circle. The circle of love. You can start from a point, go the whole distance and still come back to where you started from. You could be anywhere in the circle and yet be a part of it. The rules are less and lenient. It indulges you.

Is it possible to choose just one of them as the presiding decree that your life will run by? I always find it to be a fine mix. These are the root binary codes that govern the programming of our lives. We do things because we either love to do them or they fall in our line of duty. The warp & the weft of living.

And here I thought I was a creative person, far removed from the laws of geometry and computing. Ha!


  1. so true...very well written..liked it..:)

  2. Very well told. In some cases a line will do but most of the times it should be a circle, I suppose.

  3. Thanks Harish. lines are sacrosanct, circles are an option I guess.

  4. Lines almost always symbolise duty whereas circles may be likened to the thoughts and actions that keep us fresh and spirited.

    There should not be any conflict between the line of love and the circle of love when there is only one love, preferably the first love. Gosh I lost mine.

  5. Oh destiny, nothing can ever match first love. I think most of us have lost ours. But then who is to say that it is not for a better future?


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