Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kabir as an NCD

Kabir speaks of God's love in the following two dohas but he places them at diametrically opposite locations. 

ऊंचे पाणी ना टिके, नीचे ही ठहराय
नीचा होय सो भर पिए, ऊंचा प्यासा जाय

साधू कहावत कठिन है, लम्बा पेड़ खुजूर
चढ़े तो चाखे प्रेम-रस, गिरे तो चकनाचूर 

His sayings are never to be taken literally. They are to be felt. That is when you rise above geometry and it stops confusing you.

He would have done so well as a National Creative Director of any ad agency. He can get away by saying anything. Even if it has no synergy, just because he said it so beautifully, all is forgiven for him! 

A perfect blend of mysticism and householder values. 
The halo and the fat paycheck.

Of course the real Kabir would have never taken a paycheck or at least put it to a better use than pay the EMIs on the newly bought terrace flat. 'Nirmal Anand' of creatvity is lost on most of the hot-shot CDs of today. Some of them are my friends too. I look at them slogging away because God made them a perfecrionist. Unfortunately, it is their super bosses the Almighty forgot to fine tune.

Never mind the 'take home' salary of the NCDs of today. They get what they deserve. But the inflated egos, if they don't do something about it, they will soon be air-borne and only a prick can bring them back to mother earth. The prick they so love to call the CEO.

माया तजे तो क्या हुआ, मान तजा न जाय
मान बड़े मुनिवर गए, मान सबहि को खाय

Dear departed soul of the real poet, mystic and saint Kabir, please do guide these modern day impersonators. They try to be like you. They call themselves creative leaders. They even lead a few packs who want to follow them. But they are missing the essence. Share a bit of your common sense with them.


  1. I am passing this url to a Kabir fan:)

    1. dear Bhavana I am glad and grateful that your passage in our home let you remember how much I stick to kabir and benefit reading his words,since now I have uncover in a recent aspiring aurovillian from rajasthan whose help I much value to see through the diificulties in reading the granthavali in the original basha I still will remember the beginning of july as a warning for you to come for the unformal utsav with those friends from m.p you can stay with us will be a pleasure see you soon

    2. wow this is great...Dear Bhavna & fertileeast...I saw both your blogs and I am amazed at how we haven't connected yet at any platform. Kabir, khusrow and Rumi are my fav. too!

  2. Hi Bhavna :) I am a big Kabir fan myself...please feel free to share it with another one of my kind :)

  3. You are a Kabir fan and am a Tulasi! rationality,objectivity and detachment are a few attributes usually seen in the adherents of Kabir and if you add feelings,love and compassion to these you become a Tulasi fan:-)

  4. true true, friends call me a KKR fan (Kabir, Khusrow and Rahim) :)
    I haven't read much of Tulasi except that he wrote 'Ramcharitmanas'. It will be great if you can tell me some more about him and share your views on him. I would love to read more of his creations.

    1. Two recent posts on 'Manas'are referred for your perusal:

    2. KKR-A fatal combo-I can tell you :-)

  5. Thanks for the links. Will read them at the earliest.

  6. mann laga yaar faqiri mein... umdaa hai


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