Friday, June 8, 2012

लाखों हैं यहाँ दिलवाले...

We were coming back from somewhere last evening. It was late in the night. FM channels on radio play lovely songs at that time. We were listening to Purani Jeans on 98.3 FM.

"laakhon hain yahan dilwale, par pyaar nahi milata (there are so many loving people around and yet it is so difficult to find love)....", crooned Mahendra Kapoor,yesteryear's romantic singer, from the Movie Kismat. It reminded me of an incident which happened over 27 years ago.

We had been to a group picnic in Neembu Park in Lucknow. Everyone coaxed my father to sing a song. He somehow managed to wiggle out of it. Just as he was sighing a sigh of relief, his 9 year old daughter (yours truly) shouted from across the crowd, "Daddy, sing 'lakhon hain yahan' na....please".

The dampening demand for a song revived into a thunderous pre-emptive applause and he had no choice but to play along. If looks could kill, Neembu park was to be my burial ground. His long harsh gaze told me so.

He then turned to his friends and started singing with a smile. I clapped enthusiastically. As the song went on, my clapping hands kept their locked pose but slowed down to the extent of not making any sound anymore. They came to rest under my tilted head. I looked at my father in admiration and prayed for the time to stand still.

Last evening I looked at my husband with similar admiration and prayed for time to stand still. He was whistling along with the radio..."lakhon hain yahan dilwale"....(he has this talent, he can whistle any song with uncanny precision close to the original). I was listening to the same song in a new avatar. Spellbound.

The song got over. So did the drive. But the memory of that joy stays on.
I slept well and happy :)

*(Here's a song Partha whistled sometime back. "Ye Sham mastani....
I had recorded it in one take on my primitive Nokia E63 handset, so do pardon the playback echo.)


  1. ये तो बहुत अच्छा है। इसको हिंदी वाली डोलची में पोस्ट करिये भाई! आपके पति बहुत अच्छी सीटी बजाते हैं।

  2. Great!Magpie like whistle! Looks he once definitely was a magpie!

  3. धन्यवाद अनूप जी. ज़रूर, इसे ट्रांसलेट करके डोलची में पोस्ट करूंगी. बढ़िया सुझाव है. रेनड्रॉप पर आपका स्वागत है :)

    Thank you Mr. Arvind. That's such a lovely compliment. He will be so happy to hear it :) I sure treat him as if he were a woodpecker for constantly picking my brains....calling him a Magpie is such a wonderful change for him ;)


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