Friday, November 30, 2012

The Big Fat Film Fraternity - Typical Conversations

Every industry has its share of people who, for very apparent reasons, have characteristic ways of behaving with each other. Physicians Vs Surgeons, Creative Vs Client Servicing, Teachers Vs Administration, Politicians Vs Bureaucrats etc..

I have enjoyed their conversations. Here are just a few videos that talk about the big fat film fraternity. They are funny and so so so familiar. Kindly take them in the right spirit and enjoy :)

Note: Some of them are a bit technical and will be understood only by people from within the industry. but the ones with the actor, steadycam, location, costume, art director, agency producer and continuity dept. can be understood by all.

VFX (special effects) guys Vs Producer

Video Editing Hell

Steadycam operator Vs Director (Organic haan :)

On set Art Director Vs 1st Assistant Director

Costume Designer Vs Production Manager

Assistant Director Vs Actor

Ad Agency Producer (film dept) Vs Video Editor

Location dept. Vs Accounts

Continuity dept. Vs Director

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