Saturday, June 15, 2013

Superwoman fatigue

Geography has always been one of my favourite subjects. When I was in std. V or VI, there was a test. I went to the teacher to ask why she had given me a zero in one of 'fill in the blanks'?

I had to fill the dash for -  भारत एक _____ प्रधान देश है. Here is how the conversation went -

Teacher - बेटा आपको 'कृषि' लिखना था blank में 'पुरुष' नहीं क्योंकि भारत एक कृषि प्रधान देश है.

Me - पर भारत एक पुरुष प्रधान देश भी तो है न ?

Teacher - बेटा आप ग़लत नहीं हो पर ये geography का test था इसलिए मैंने आपको zero दिया है.

I can't fathom how, as a ten year old, I knew that India was a patriarchal society and male dominated too. Much has changed since those days. Women sure are doing very well for themselves.

I like the fact that people are genuinely happy upon having a girl child.

Everything seems to point is a direction which is progressive, yet there is something inverted about it.

The more inclusive we try to make the society, more exclusive it becomes.

Special schools, colleges, trains, buses, queues, laws, status isn't what we were asking for. All we wanted was to be normal. Safe. Appreciated. Respected. And heard so that we have a say if we have a point. Just like anybody else. Simple.

To put someone on a pedestal is worse than not letting them be a part of the mainstream. The ringside is at least within earshot. Speaking from atop the buttresses feels like you are talking to an audience. One has to work twice harder to keep up the superwoman guise. Being human is lost when you aren't allowed to take a fall at all. It renders one either a superwoman or no woman at all. Supermoms, super wives, super employees, super hostesses, super chefs, super stars. Maintaining an aura is like being inside a pressure cooker. And yes, add to that the constant burden of trying to look like supermodels.

Am sure every woman wants to toss away the cape once in a while, step down from the podium and curl up in a self embracing hug for being the way she is. Despite all errs & ebbs.


  1. Think about men for a while; how we men have to live in constant awe of women's unpredictability - be it due to hormonal or any other reason. I'm particularly pointing at ... once in a while, step down from the podium and curl up in a self embracing hug for being the way she is...

  2. true true....I can imagine. My husband tells me the same. Why do we have to keep second guessing the moods of a woman? Also the tremendous pressure on men to be the breadwinner of the family as well as be a superhero must be taking its tool too.

    1. Everyone wants to be the pilot, there are no passengers...


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