Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blog kyon nahi likhti aajkal??

How I wish I could make you smell burnt rice!

Why would I want you to do that, you may ask.


I do not ever want you to ask me agin, "Why don't you blog anymore??"

Every time I just want to give myself some time to read, write or just be, there is bound to be some chore that will so horribly wrong that I regret having even thought about sitting down for a read.

Don't believe me?

Here you go….

I sat down to read my own blog. I started wondered why I didn't write anymore. My cousin and a friend recently asked me the same. The more I wondered, the more I read my own posts. The more I read them, the more I regretted not having written in the recent times.

My mind wandered to the topics I could write about.

Endless possibilities thrilled me.

"It's time I got back to writing for myself. This blog has been neglected for too long.", I vowd.

I was swimming in the cozy comfy sea of blog-title-land when a strong burning smell startled me out of my reverie. Even before I could log onto blogger, reality came back and bit me so hard where it hurts the most. In the heart silly!

I have a train to catch in the next four hours.

This rice here was to be our dinner for the night, on the train.
Good luck to that!

Off I go to the kitchen while you read this post.

Ab dobara mat poochna… kyon nahi likhti aajkal!!!!

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