Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Open Books

I read in the newspapers today about this Lady Judge who had declared the marriage of her two daughters under the 'liability' heading in the account books. The papers and public were aghast how she could do that in times of gender parity.

I thought,"Poor lady. All she did was list her expenses and incomes under the correct headings. The expenditure she would be incurring on the weddings of her daughters couldn't have been an 'asset', so what's wrong if she put it in the 'liabilities' column. Even a house one owns is a 'liability' until the day loans are repaid. For the lack of a better terminology (which in the first place isn't her fault), one can't frown upon her. So what if she didn't put it in a better way. So what if she wasn't politically correct. Look at how less she earns anyway"

I voiced my opinion.

Hubby was getting ready to go to office. He continued tying up his black tie, looked up for a moment and said, "When she travels in a white Ambassador with a bleeding incessant siren which expects people to let her pass and when she resides in a two acre house in the middle of Lutyens' Delhi which is maintained by the tax payer's money, she'd better be politically correct. People in public offices and eyes must think before they speak."

I had to shut up coz somewhere I knew he was right.


  1. Yeah Public lives are such. Adulations and brickbats both need to be taken in equal stride i guess.

  2. Your husband is right, they have a responsibility towards public, to show the way.

  3. yes I guess so...I always try to look at them in a personal way but they aren't in news for their personal work...they are there coz they hold a public office. So I guess they need to be transparent.

  4. political diplomacy is the word here i guess


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