Thursday, December 30, 2010


"You think I have no brains and I think you have no heart." Said Eve to Adam. "Neither is true but yet our behaviour substantiates this statement. I wish you showed me some consideration that you so naturally have for others and I wish I could impress you with a mere thread of the intelligent conversations I have with others. I wish we were friends." Sighed Eve.

But this wasn't meant to be.

Hence God created friends. Someone you can have intelligent conversations with and heart to heart talks as well. 


  1. So true. But its so difficult to find genuine people to have an intelligent conversation with!...but after reading your post am thankful for the very few I have who make things worth the while...

  2. Friends are friends and spouses are spouses :) must not mix the drinks ;)

    thanks kasturi & Shriraj

  3. hehe love your comment ^

    truly put

  4. experience always makes the right comment ;) he he

  5. hey Vandu! This is so true!!! And am thankful to God for giving me an intelligent and considerate friend as you! :)

  6. arey baba :) itna bada compliment...mere paas bhi hain aise hi friends he he he :)


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