Friday, December 31, 2010

Writings on the wall

The news is still outside of me. Every breath does try to draw it in but my body knows that the moment it lets the consciousness get a hang of it, everything inside will be ruined. It is so severe, the realisation! The mind refuses to grasp it, heart denies its acknowledgement and the soul doesn't recognise it. Such is the fate of the writings on the wall. Right in front yet every pore chooses to be unaware of it. Sooner the eyes read it and pass it onto the inner world of my oblivious self, better it will be.


  1. I hope things are fine with you....

  2. yes things are fine now. If fact for the better. Sometimes some jolts push one in the right direction. thanks for ur concern.

  3. Hi,

    Read this a while back and identified feeling like this at one point in time. Didnt want to intrude. But hope all is ok with you and turns out to be ok too..! Take care


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