Thursday, January 13, 2011


If you ask any YO (Young Officer), "What's the best thing about the Club?", their answer will be, "The swimming Pool!".

Why so?

Coz it is full of, 'aadha Soda aadha paani'! (half Soda, half water).

Before your imagination drifts to a cellar full of oak casks let me clarify what they mean by Soda. They mean the bevy of beautiful young women who belong to an undisclosed faction of a mythical world called "Senior Officers Daughters Association". Not that any such union exists but that's the class these girls belong too.

Having been a SODA myself, I was aware of it from a very young age.

The Sodas are divided into two classes.

One, the effervescent convent educated extremely high maintenance kinds who have passed out from a reputed college and are pursuing happening careers. This indicates two things - Their fathers are the influential kinds who have somehow managed to get posted only in the metros or can magically afford exorbitant city rentals for families when they are away. Or maybe they were born rich. This breed of Soda is not interested in any alliance with a younger officer, friendship yes but nothing more.

Second kinds are the ones who have less fortunate fathers who tend to get posted into far flung remote areas.
They are less likely to be high-maintenance coz of their central government school backgrounds but they too would not want to get involved with a junior officer. They have seen the hardships way too closely .

Blissfully unaware of this mindset, the young officers continue to woo them. Sometimes they do get lucky but most of the times it's the Senior Officers who have the last laugh. After all, they can arm-twist the poor chap into marrying their daughter in case no one else is.

Then there are these '16 going on 17' Sodas. Eternal optimists. Super awed by their fathers and super duper awed by any youngster who assists them. "He is just like my dad" is what they are thinking.

All of the above is null and void when the cupid strikes.

Sometimes it strikes young.
And sometimes, when you least expect it to.

It will be soon two years since it struck me.
Happy Anniversary in advance dear Husband :)
You got me back into a world I had vowed I would never come back to.
And what a beautiful world it is :)

This SODA is happy to be back where she grew up.
I am home!


  1. :) SODA?!!! Kya word hai!!
    Happy Anniversary in advance! :)

  2. awww.....sweet post. Happy Anniversary in advance to both of u...

  3. Yess...this one is indeed a sweet post. I loved it. Well, when is the anniversary?


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