Sunday, March 27, 2011


To be with someone without being there is an art. I guess most men have mastered this art without realising how lucky they are to be blessed with such a hidden talent.

I wish I could have done this at work or while I listened to a friend for the twentieth time cursing her date. But every time I disagree or get bored, it shows right on my face and the other person asks me, "What are you thinking?"

I wonder why women should be so transparent? Why do naked emotions play riot right where it matters. The eyes. Disinterest, jealousy, sadness, joy....nothing is disguised. Camouflage is best left to animals and men.

This is so true as long as the woman is honest with you.

A very fine thread that is.

A woman wants to be honest with you, shares what is going through her mind and wants to maintain the purity of thoughts and actions is sheer good fortune if you are the person after her heart.

Because if she doesn't then you are in for a long wait facing the smokescreen before you know what's going on. Blurry haze and elusive clarity will be presented to you with such dexterity that you have no choice but to believe it to be the and only truth.

Transparency is only for the blessed.
The rest have to make do with the widening void and fragrant fumes.

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