Monday, March 28, 2011


People travel for two reasons.

One- Duty beckons
The other - The place calls out to you.

How wonderful it would be if both happened at the same time.
How heartbreaking it would be if one was mistaken for the other.
How rewarding it would be if one followed the other.
How unfortunate it would be if one were to conflict with the other.
How tiresome it would be if only one of them happened all the time.
How distressing it would be if one had to be given up for the other.

How would it be if you never traveled?
Stayed right inside that body, buried deep in the cotton candy world of of ignorance?
To be born and die without having stepped out of the womb!
Not to have undertaken any journey?

My dear mind please step out.
Doesn't matter if duty beckons or it's a pleasure trip.
Go on a voyage.
Bring me back some thoughts and ideas that are fresher than the dewdrops this morning. Bring me back some light.
Take a trip.
Bring me some hues of the Raindrops falling far far away.

Go Fly!


  1. Hey! very nice!!!

    You know what I saw, when I reached the last lines of this post?

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull! Floating around in the blue sky!


  2. n that is the essence of 'Volante' :)

  3. And sometimes traveling is without purpose, without direction .. and still it is beautiful :-)

  4. Yes traveling without purpose is a great discover things you never thought existed.

    I put them in the category 'it called out to you' and your feet wandered in that direction without knowing why.

  5. quite retrospective......a gypsy ..a nomad...with a reason..chanlenging ..yet exciting.....good thoughts


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