Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stop messing with my newspaper frontpage

Front Page Rage 
There are 29 more pages to a newspaper. This is a sincere request to all advertisers and Brands to please leave the front page alone. These gimmicks every morning are taking away from the essence of reading a newspaper. The whole experience of reading it gets hampered when we the readers look at the front page and go Grrrrrr.....

News we can get from TV, Internet, SMS, Word of mouth etc. but we buy newspapers (sometimes upto 8 of them on weekends) for a totally different reason. Please don't spoil it by making the front page your battleground for innovative (which more often than not are not so great anyway) ideas.

The whole world is yours, including the rest of the pages of the supplements. Please use them. Spare the Front Cover. Please!!!!!

Please click on this link and like it if you agree with the above. I would want the advertisers to know how wrong they are in doing so.


  1. One thing that never fails to irritate me....

  2. perils of commercialisation... in this age of paid news, anything can happen

  3. Hi...I've handed you an award at my blog...please do accept it...:)

  4. aww that isso sweet of you...thanks and I would love to give you the same award as well :)


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