Monday, May 16, 2011

No Wonder...

 Goose eyes...chipped nails...puffing and panting....

Looks like I ran miles to the east before realising that the Sun would rise in the west today. I guess he had a fight with his beloved and got off the wrong side of the bed. Why does she do this? Why doesn't she realise that it's not her alone that he belongs to. The Sun belongs to the world!

Little does one know that she is mad at him for kissing the earth and encouraging lovers to dream into the horizon. She is mad at him for fathering the gold laden farms. No wonder his beloved spewed venom.
She always wondered why they never took a vacation, somewhere away from the maddening clutter of planets and moons. Someplace where they can be alone. She smiled and asked..."Shall we take a trip?" 
He said, "How can we? Who'll take care of the earth? She won't breathe without me.She wouldn't live without me. She'll die. We have to think about all those lives." 
No wonder his beloved fumed!

She looked at the Sun lovingly and asked him if he loved her. He said, "Yes...more than the earth!".
No wonder she got hurt. No wonder she fought. No wonder he got off the wrong side of the bed. No wonder he had to rise from the west instead and turn everything upside down. No wonder the whole world is waiting for him to set it right.

No wonder.....

(Artists, leaders, doctors, activists, soldiers etc. belong to a wider audience. There is nothing personal about their lives. They live for the world. Familial ties and responsibilities hold them back. It is wrong to ask them to be yours alone.

I saw the movie 'Bal Gandharv' yesterday and was reminded of this fact yet again. )


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