Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Every blogger has a rhythm. 

Just like our body clock is governed by an endogenous rhythm, every blogger has an in built compass directing when or not he/she is going to blog about what. If you look closely even the topics they choose to write upon have a pattern to it. Totally unaffected by any external stimuli (though they like to believe that something that touched their heart made them pen down their thoughts), they write in uniformly disorganised cycles.

Some write short one line blogs everyday.
Some write long research based pieces once in a while.
Some erupt when they are emotionally charged.
Some are imaginative enough to spin their thoughts creatively.
Some like to share.
Some like to impress.
Some like to guide.
Most of all, every single one of them wants the other to read theirs and comment.

Work, food, travel, technology, photography, art, music, architecture, medicine, spirituality, parenting, romance, social causes, business - it takes all kinds to fill up the blogosphere.

Most blogs are introspective, visual and personally conclusive in nature with very little factual data of any particular use to anyone. They are short, post more frequently but at irregular intervals. They have a wider (not so loyal) audience as the posts are usually generic and a reflection of human thought process. 

Niche blogs deal with a particular field. They are research based and have a a loyal specialist following which might be fewer in number but is more interactive and of similar mindset. They post infrequently but at regular intervals.

We find that many languages are spoken faster than the other. This is a myth as a language with a relatively simple syllable structure like Japanese is able to fit more syllables into a second than a language with a complex syllable structure such as English. As a result it sounds faster.

Similarly, they frequency of posting on the blogs is related to what you have to say. If you can say a lot in just a few lines (even if you write once in a while) and leave the reader with immense residual imagery of what you just said, you might come across as being more regular than a daily blogger who has very little to say and leaves the visitors with no take home.

The upbringing and current social circumstances decide if your blog is futuristic one or delves in the past most of the time. These are the ones to look for if you want to learn potential developments or life's simple rules.

The nature of work dictates the time you post. Housewives tend to blog in daytime, fixed-time office goers in the evening and people in the creative field at night. Flexitimers are characterised by the absence any set timing of blogging. Even if they are free everyday at 8:00pm and can afford to set a time, they are governed by the drifting clock which refuses to bind itself to a point.

Just like in a song, poem or dance; every blog has a meter. Short petite sentences or long compound ones are decided by the tempo and gusto you think with. Simpler the thought process, shorter the beats hence smaller the sentences. The complex ones have an option though. They maybe be difficult and boring or they may decide to put to use their cognitive ability to separate elements of the abstract. They write in simpler forms so that the piece in its totality conveys a far bigger picture than the easy straightforward sentences mean in themselves. "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts", applies beautifully to such blogs.

Then there are some bloggers who post with such irregularity and variance of subjects that at first look one would either find them to be jack of all trades or too scholarly to focus on one thing . On deeper inspection one finds that absence of timing or a line of steady thought is just the outline of the Kanizsa triangle. The blanks speak as much as the written word. The illusions these blogs create by flitting from one topic to the other belong to a three dimensional world which is visible if you can constructively read negative space.

It is true that we blog because we want to put our collective thoughts out there in the universe so that anyone who needs to tap into them can do so. We might write about modest things in minimal words but they do say a lot about us. At times you might feel that there is something is askew with your blog. Then as in life, you just need to revisit the pattern and set your blogarithm right.


Thanks for stopping by :)