Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monkey Cap

It is that time of the year when layers of warm clothes and caps are a necessity.

I have been into water slides in amusement parks. Had hour long brain MRIs. Been stuck in pitch dark rooms without light. Travelled in Mumbai local trains in peak hours. Gone scuba diving. But nothing makes me as uncomfortable as a monkey cap does. Claustriphobic suffocation at its best. I don't know why but I feel so whenever I wear it that I end up having a headache and can't wait to get it off. But unfortunately, it provides the best protection against Delhi winters. Especially when you go to sleep and all other caps threaten to slip off and freeze you out of your REM, a monkey cap is faithful to you like a soldier.

I don't like it but here begins my yearly two month affair with the Monkey Caps.


  1. ohhhh! :(
    But do wear it Vandu ! :)

  2. :D fortunately or unfortunately here in mumbai even in december it is too hot to wear such caps :( (Actually I like monkey cap... it reminds me of my childhood:)


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