Monday, December 5, 2011

Diabetes, my foot!

"Don't have sweets, you will get diabetes", this threatening statement has absolutely no effect on children who are born to diabetic parents. They know, sooner or later diabetes is going to catch up with them and they will have to give up sweets anyway. So, might as well make the most of the time their blood sugar is hammocking between the lullaby levels of 80-110 mg/dL.

When I was 5 or 6 yrs old I remember hopping across to neighbouring gardens to pluck periwinkle flowers for my mother. They were magic flowers that were going to help my mother be cured of a disease she had. As I grew up I was to pick wood apples, bitter gourd, Tulasi, Neem etc for her to eat as various stages. She seemed pretty OK to me but for her abstinence from sugar and rice. Neither did I know that what she had was hereditary, nor did I care. But yes me and my borther enjoyed giving her the insulin shots. She could bribe us into doing any chore by saying, "I will let you give me an injection if you do what I say".

Nobody tells children about the family tree and how each leaf befell. When it was my turn to know how my maternal grandfather died, I was shocked to hear that it all started with a wound on his heel. My limited higher secondary knowledge refused to accept that someone could die of a small wound, that too on the farthest corner of your body - the feet.

I was warned about my love for cakes and chocolates. "Your grandfather died because of diabetes. Your mother and Uncle have it. You should be very careful", I have heard this so often that I had a blindspot for it.

I heard a similar statement last week. Many years and many warnings later, I was a bit worried. I have seen my mother leave us after years of dialysis and a foot ailment. My younger brother is severely diabetic too. So it is easy to scare me these days.

I was feeling weak and had all the symptoms last week. We decided to go in for a blood test. I always boasted of enviable blood sugar levels. So what was it this time that got to my nerves? It was fear of the inevitable.

Someone who was diabetic and had been admitted to the hospital with a foot wound passed away the day I went for my blood test. It wasn't easy for me to stop thinking 'what if I am diabetic too'. For the first time I was scared about my blood report. I even let my husband polish off the whole box of 'gajar ka halwa' that day without as much of a whimper of resentment. I was going to be careful about not hurting my feet (I have this phobia that diabetes+hurt foot = death).

God bless Dr. Arti who told us on the phone that I was still in the pink of my health. I can eat what I want :)

Now dare anyone tell me not to binge on chocolates and cakes. Dare anyone say, "You will get diabetes".

Diabetes, my foot!!!


  1. Very nice. But also remember a lil moderation goes a long way. So bear tht in mind and don't polish off loads of sweet-Smita das

  2. My mother has diabetes too and someone has told her to walk briskly in the morning or afternoon.

    There is nothing wrong in having a sweet tooth, but I guess it's better to watch out for what's on your plate!

    See this link:

  3. Hi all, I understand one has to be moderate in everything you do. But as long as you don't have it, eat and burn the calories out is my mantra. Diabetes eventually catches up with the patients. Few years here if you are not so careful and a few years there if you are extremely careful.


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