Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Petrol Pump Geese

People don't swerve their vehicles into this petrol pump. They slow down, crane out of their windows and once they are sure that nothing is in the way, make way for the oil stand. Some even pray that it should be their lucky day so that they can sppt the famous 'petrol pump geese'. It was my lucky day today.

The Bharat Petroleum Filling Station at Race Course in New Delhi has adopted a few geese. They have even made a little pond for them and people are more than welcome to come and play with them. Some days the whole flock decides to visit the actual fuel dispensing area. No one stops them. Instead, they make way for them and watch them with utmost awe as they quack along inspecting everything that is going on all around. They are not to be fed by the passers by.

Sometimes, one of them gets fascinated by a fancy car/children or a specific sound. It is so beautiful to watch the lone admirer break away from the group and reach out for what has caught its interest. The one that I saw today was captivated by a parked car which had some children in it. The children couldn't help but shriek in amusement which drew the goose nearer. Just as it was about to get too close for comfort the driver started the vehicle and drove away. The goose straightened its neck to the max as if trying to see them off and the children waved back until they could see it no longer. Such a pretty sight!

These geese don't cross the road. They don't even cross over to the neighbouring HPCL pump. What brand loyalty I say :)

Once their day out is over, they head back for the pond where they enjoy the winter sun, paddling away to their heart's content. This has been going on for many many years.

I had always heard about this. Finally saw them today.
Totally worth the wait!!!

Ducks at Bharat Petroleum Pump at Race Course, New Delhi

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