Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All you do is smile when you know...

Recently I saw an advertisment. It was a beautiful television ad. Very tastefully made. It was about a patient. The filmmaker had taken great pride in having made it (very rightly so). The Client (a very renowned Hospital) had been kind enough not to bombard it with brand logos. The creative agency had been subtle enough to not overdo the 'human touch' element. Everything was perfect!!

Once those few seconds are over, you smile to yourself thinking of the very famous Hospital. You smile because you know the real administrators and doctors who are running it like a business. You know how the business of saving lives that is thriving behind all that glass and chrome, is run. You know the details of what could easily be termed 'criminal' if it ever comes down to pure ethics. But they know that this film is definitely going to increase their 'sales' figures (or whatever their income terms are) henceforth. They wait with a bated breath for tomorrow.

You smile because you know exactly what is going through the filmmakers mind. You know how they are waiting for it to be aired so that they can put the director's cut on the top in their showreel, ASAP. They wait with bated breath for tomorrow's release schedule.

You smile because you know how eagerly a bunch of the creative agency guys are waiting for Company's commercial director's approval on the 'awards budgets' so that they can send their entry into various categories. They wait for tomorrow with a bated breath.

You know that the media plans have worked because the 'Client' has informed the Media Agency of their rising diagnostic graph. Faint hearted suspects who watch particular programs on TV with clockwork punctuality are lining up outside their OPDs and Labs, as a preventive measure of course. They are waiting for their lab reports, without knowing how they make up for such a huge database.

You know that the legal department who has run the fine print of the ad copy through tooth & comb is smiling because they have managed to be absolutely non-committal. They are hoping against hope that no one should point a fingure at them for any unreasonable claims tomorrow. They wait with a bated breath.

You smile because you know that the only one person who is unaffected by all this is the lead of the film because he/she has a long long battle to fight ahead. He/She knows it could all be over if things don't go well. He/She is the only one living the day to the fullest! (I just hope and pray that they have not used a model to play the character, which is not quite uncommon considering the past records of testimonial ads).

This is how all the Hospital, Insurance, Bank, Courier etc. ads make you feel.

You smile when you look at them and quietly say "Liars" in your heart.


  1. Hm.. No one thinks of these factors while watching ads made to take advantage of the soft spots in hearts... A unique perspective

  2. Different reasons for smiles .. but all these don't matter unless the person who has to battle .. smiles!

  3. Medicine, sadly is no more a service.Its politics,profits,and a bunch of wasted lives in the process.At the graduation ceremony, the Hippocratic oath is memorized to last just until the hats fly off into the glorious skies of self centeredness....but again there are a million exceptions.
    I laugh at those ads because all i can see is "LIARS" stamped all over it!

  4. @aativas, you are right. All smiles in the end boil down to the one who brought it out in us

    @Harish, Yes there are exceptions. I can proudly say that I am married to one, hence the insight into these two worlds. I hope you don't mind that I picked up your 'liars' statement to be used at the end of this post. It fits there so aptly. I sincerely wish these 'essential services' were not such hoge business centers.

  5. Yes, you're so true. Even I don't take this ads seriously. I see them as a peace of art.

  6. I don't know, but I feel you are talking about this campaign...'American Hospital- Hope is real.'
    Though am in advertising and breathe it 24X7...i can't generalise it....and call ourselves....Liars... :)

  7. It is not 'American Hospital'. I know how you breathe and live advertising and are so sincere about every single line that passes through your desk. I was one too.

    I am not fazed by general ads and don't think they lie, they just take creative liberties which is ok...a cooking oil has to fry, a washing machine has to wash.

    But when it comes to essential services like Hospitals, Insurances, Banks etc.....the way they function and what they portray in their ads is soooo diametrically opposite. That is what I mentioned.


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