Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Life Saver Ad

We were in Nawalgarh last week. A little getaway time we got for ourselves which we grabbed.

Nawalgarh is a small town (could be called a big village) full of narrow gullies and beautiful old havelis in the state of Rajasthan. A walk in the market takes you at least 60-70 years back. We stayed in a resort. We did nothing but laze around. We loved the lawns and the sun so much that we could be found there from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm reading books, having our meals, listening to Pallaji (a folk singer), getting Mehendi on hands etc etc.

Some of the local TV channels were fun to watch. One such channel was dishing out a time-streaked print of a movie we both liked. The movie was interspersed with cable TV ads. Some of them were of very poor quality. Some were just photographs strewn together by a decent narrator. No swanky graphics. No especially recorded background music. No deep baritone voice-over. No taam-jhaam generally one would associate with an ad.

One such ad of 'Jangid Hospital' made me smile. Maybe it had something to do with the name or the way they spoke about the facilities, the doctors available, dispensary, and other available machines in a hurried monotone. It made me think of all the big budget Hospital ads that leave no stone unturned when it comes to production or media blaring. What a stark difference.

I forgot about the ad soon and started ordering my dinner. Hubby wasn't hungry. The Aloo Tikkis and Bhelpuris of the evening were still sitting packed in his stomach. He asked for a Digene. I said I will get it from the front office after ordering my dinner. He insisted I get it right away. He generally isn't that way so I walked upto the reception area.

When I came back, I saw the door ajar. He was on the bed. He asked me to get the front office staff to get him a Disprin and a Sorbitrate. Till then I wasn't worried but now I was. I asked him what happened. He complained of chest pain.

We were in the middle of nowhere. All the doctors in Rajasthan in government hospitals were on a strike. There was no way any chemist shop would be open at 10:30 pm in this sleepy town. I cursed myself for two things - one not being able to drive our car and two for not having Digene, Disprin and Sorbitrate in our first aid box. If there ever was a Worst Informed Doctor's Wife Award, I would be the honourable claimant I am sure. We didn't know where to go.

Suddenly my husband remembered the 'Jangid Hospital' ad which had mentioned clearly the exact location, the doctors available, and that there was an ECG machine available along with a small dispensary. One of the Hotel reception boys was with us who guided us to the location. We reached there at 11:00 pm (can never forgive myself for the fact that Partha had to drive in those gullies in that condition in the dead of the night). By the time we reached, his pain had eased and it was clear that it was a case of gastric trouble but he didn't want to take any chances. We got an ECG done and bought the medicines we wanted from the dispensary.

We had both learnt important lessons in life.

Now in the comfort our house when I look back, I shudder to think what could have happened and if it wasn't for that little ad on cable TV. We would be running around looking for a hospital around midnight. Now this is what a hospital ad should be able to do - save patients by giving them exact information they need - not just a feel good ad that is made as a brand building exercise but does nothing for the patients.

Their ad was a life saver


  1. But today's ad is not about informing the viewer about the product or service. It is just brand building exercises that does not clearly do any value addition to the viewer or product.

    BTW, I have disabled the widget that played songs in my blog. You can visit now without getting startled.

  2. !!!! Vandu ! Just first tell Partha that he has to permit you to drive 'HIS CAR!'

    Second thing....whatever it is...and however it is...I am happy that an ad saved my friend's life ! :)

  3. @ Harsh, I know it is all about brand building these days. Some info. about the products won't hurt I feel.

    @Anagha, It has been three years now, I think it is me only who is keeping away from the car...can't drive a big one. But I must now.

  4. Resp.

    I was just googling our hospital name and saw your blog. Thanks for a lovely blog written by you for us. We are three doctors in a family and try to give quality multi specialty services to our needy patients..whatever the time it is our family has built a principle that none of our patients remains unattended in odd emergency hours..Thanks again for your appreciation & Regards
    Dr. Manish Sharma
    Jangid hospital, Nawalgarh

    1. Dr Manish,

      I am sorry for replying to your comment so late. I just saw it as I had stopped writing my blog for a long time. Yes indeed, we will always be ever so grateful to your hospital as we got the timely help we needed at that hour. Wishing you and your team the very best and I do admire that you have kept up with these principles even in these times. Thanks once again.


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