Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Miracles

Every time I witness life force leaving a body, I am reminded of the only 3 miracles I believe in. 3 Miracles that exist which nobody can deny.

Conception of a child.
Changes all living bodies go through, aging.

Breathe in, breathe out. Such a simple thing to do. Monotonous thing to do. But one never tires of it. Fatigue doesn't prompt us to stop breathing. There are somethings that go on, no matter what.

Everytime I get tired of something but know that giving up is not an available choice, I treat it as breathing. Stopping is just not an option so exhaustion becomes irrelevant.

No wonder they say 'life goes on', no matter what. That is the reason I love history, ruins, myths and talking to old people so much. They connect the dots.

Dots that make the road that is nobody's destination.
Just a path to be traversed. A journey to be undertaken.

A journey fueled by the life force.
Life force that makes me believe in 3 miracles.


  1. Not only miracles they are the three stark realities of life!Memorable musing!

  2. Aise hi kabhi kabhi reflect karne baitho to khayaalaon ka mela lag hi jaata hai :)

    1. Train of thoughts and fleeting memories are so spontaneous for creative personalities:-)

  3. the only miracle I believe is the me of tomorrow :)

  4. Hi Raindrop, been a long while since your last post. Hope all's well and you're busy with happy things. :)

  5. Yes I am good. Have been traveling non-stop for a month. got wheels on my soles :) and no internet. So kinda net starved.


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