Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Curl up!

A curled up human being makes you realise how close we are to any other living being in the this world.

Curling up in fear, pain, anxiety, happiness, contentment, bliss, nervousness, uneasiness or as an alarming sign!
There could be many reasons for curling up.
Some say it’s the basic human instinct which takes us back into the pre-birth times of our lives. The in-womb conditions. Surrounding us with a feeling of complete care, safety and cutting us away from anything that’s bothering.
The more evolved ones like to think that in case of any abnormal/extraordinary behaviours, the heart starts pumping faster and it is its way of getting the farthest blood supply points closer for conservation of energy.
But frankly...
We curl up for the want of a human touch, yearn for a re-assuring hand or a heartfelt hug. When none comes forth, you turn inwards for the same.
It’s a hug you give yourself.

Re-assuring arms-around your shoulders that will not go away when you blink. They will be there as long as you want them to be. Making you feel that ‘yes there is someone around’ and is not just going to get up and go.
A shoulder where you can rest your head.
Ankles crossed, that tell you that time stands still and no one is in a hurry to go anywhere.
A promise to yourself that however low you sink, you are held, loved and cherished.
A human curl is all encompassing, all empowering and an expression of survival instinct. A cathartic, liberating and healing touch.
And if it’s a curl of contentment then you just want to preserve it for a little while longer and feel it to the deepest of your core. True happiness is so rare to come by that you want to let it sink in deep before letting it out into the universe and share it with the world.
It’s self approval, self-belief and a sign that all is not lost.
Give yourself a hug. Curl up!

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